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I want to share with you a glimpse into the journey that has led me to this moment.

Since a very young age, communication has always been an obstacle that prevented me from moving forward, both personally and professionally. The only way I found to navigate this world was through art, which was a painless channel for me to share my emotions, thoughts, and ideas with the world.

But everything changed unexpectedly with the birth of a new project, a project that completely took over my whole life. 

So, I began to create and step into the background again, as I had always done and it had always worked. Until this project, where verbal communication was not only necessary but became vital to bringing it to life.

Once I realized that; fear took over me and caused me to unconsciously cling to situations and even people who reinforced and supported the idea of me not having a voice.

Slowly, that made me feel worthless, incapable, dependent, and a burden for everybody.

My thoughts and feelings clearly began to transform into actual realities.

This belief became so rooted in me that it led me to extreme overthinking and exhaustion, ending in severe burnout causing me to lose everything: my passion, my drive, my home; ending up with rage and hate, complete isolation, and losing my entire identity. It was a long and very painful time.

My ability to communicate deteriorated to the point where I couldn't speak at all. In meetings, I would blank out, questioning myself: who am I? Why am I here? How can it be that I am here to speak about this project?


People began to doubt and laugh, and others questioned whether I was only joking. There came a point where people vanished, and stopped answering when I called, I was completely ignored, doubted, questioned, and ridiculed.

But still, with all that going on, I couldn't let it go; it was something bigger than me; so I continued to find ways to make this project happen, but my communication and self-esteem got worse and worse.

Early in 2023, I crossed paths with my now mentor, a master in communication; someone who made me feel and see directly that what once seemed impossible and so difficult for me could, with time, become something I could master.

I felt that no matter how challenging communication was for me, he believed in me. I saw in him a reflection of myself, something that gave me hope, and I realized that what scared me so much was actually what I needed the most. Not only that, I also discovered that it was exactly what I desired the most: to be able to communicate with the world and lend my voice to that project that completely took over my life.

A project that has now changed me completely, taken me further than I ever thought, and most importantly, transformed me into a better person.

With the support of those who believed in my strength and value, even during my darkest moments, I began to create a new path, an extraordinary journey that is leading me to stand even stronger by the transformative power of art.

Art isn't just about cultural enrichment; art has the power to heal and transform us into better human beings.

Be Persistent, 

Del Vachya

Founder & CEO

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Let's transform. Connect. Let's bring the world together.

Congratulations! You are part of the transformation.

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