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Brandeis Contemporary Events Ticket Sales Return Policy:

This Return Policy handles all ticket sales for events hosted by Brandeis Contemporary.

  1. All event ticket sales are final: Once purchased, tickets cannot be refunded.

  2. Your order is non-refundable: Orders cannot be refunded, and we do not accept exchanges or cancellations.

  3. Cancellation or Modification: You have a 48-hour window from the time of purchase to request a cancellation or modification of your order. Requests must be submitted via email to INFO@BRANDEISCONTEMPORARY.COM

  4. Information required for cancellation or modification: To ensure swift processing, please include your order number, ticket registrant’s name and email, date, name of event, and type of ticket purchase in your email.

  5. Confirmation of ticket purchase: After 48 hours from purchase, tickets are considered confirmed, and no cancellations or modifications can be made.

  6. Further details: Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for comprehensive explanations regarding event postponements or cancellations.

  7. Amendment of Return Policy: Brandeis reserves the right to amend its Return Policy at any time. The most recent amendment was made on Friday, March 01, 2024



Cancellation Policy for Brandeis Contemporary Subscription Services:

This Cancellation Policy pertains to all Application and Membership subscription services offered by Brandeis Contemporary.

The current subscription services covered by this policy include:



  • APEX

All recurring monthly or annual payments are non-refundable.

To cancel your subscription or membership, you must notify us before the start of the next subscription term using the appropriate functionalities within the services application or by emailing our support team at INFO@BRANDEISCONTEMPORARY.COM

No refunds or credits will be issued for partial months or unused periods of your subscription.

The listed subscription services are not exhaustive, and this Cancellation Policy may apply to additional programs and products as determined by Brandeis Contemporary.

Brandeis reserves the right to update this list without prior notice.

The company retains the right to amend its Cancellation Policy at any time.

Brandeis' Cancellation Policy was last amended on Friday, March 01, 2024.

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