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"My Light"

James Turrell and Kinder Spital Zuerich

The Kinder Spital Zuerich has unveiled a new installation titled "My Light" by the American artist James Turrell. The installation is a unique blend of art and science, designed to create a calming and healing atmosphere for young patients and their families.

James Turrell is well-known for his work with light and space, and "My Light" is no exception. The installation creates an immersive environment that encourages patients and visitors alike to slow down and take in their surroundings.
One of the most remarkable features of "My Light" is how it interacts with the natural light entering the building, creating a sense of connection between the hospital and the outside world, helping patients feel less isolated and more connected to the world around them.
In addition to their visual impact, "My Light" is also designed to have a physiological effect on the body. Different colors and shapes can have a calming effect on the mind, helping reduce anxiety and promote relaxation; this is particularly important in a hospital setting, where patients may be experiencing high levels of stress.

The installation has created as part of a larger initiative by the Kinder Spital Zuerich to create a more healing environment for patients. The goal is to offer an environment that supports the physical and emotional well-being of patients, families, and caregivers.

"My Light" is a wonderful example of how the power of art can create positive change in the world. Turrell has significantly contributed to the well-being of the patients at the Kinder Spital Zuerich.

The installation is sure to inspire and explore the use of art as a tool for healing and recovery.

Turrell's Light Space will again be open to the public for three hours every first Sunday from September-December to January-April 2022/23.


For Kinder Spital Zuerich Installation open on request.

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Artwork by artist James Turrell. A striking blue and purple sphere dominates a dark background in this enigmatic image. The sphere's colors are vibrant and vivid, contrasting sharply with the blackness of the surrounding space. The sphere's surface appears to be textured, with swirling patterns that create an illusion of movement. The image's composition is simple yet compelling, drawing the viewer's attention to the mesmerizing orb at its center. Its meaning is open to interpretation, leaving the viewer to ponder its significance and purpose.
Photo: © Brandeis Contemporary
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