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Photo: © Brandeis Contemporary

Born in 1976 in Germany, Lioh has grown up as a Graffiti artist, deeply rooted in the Hip-hop culture. During her professional life, she gained contact with new electronic media, starting with ANSI and ASCII art. She soon found her unique style which combines aspects of street art with new media, and she made use of artificial intelligence for some of her early projects.

As in that, she was one of the first artists including those technologies.

Most of her works are disturbing and contain political or Zeitgeist aspects. She still likes to be present in street culture, switching to forms like glued posters instead of invasive Graffiti.

Installations and performances round up her oeuvre. In public spaces, her artwork is meant to be impermanent and dynamic.
Some of her works only lasted for several hours and will not be shown again.

Lioh Moeller

Lioh's art often addresses political and social issues, challenging the government's authority and human justice. Her work is known for its uncompromising honesty and directness, constantly exposing uncomfortable truths many prefer to ignore.

Art Inspires Change and Transforms the World

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Lioh Moeller Episode

In conversation with Lioh Moeller

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